Top 5 Best Portable Blender for Travel & Gym in 2019

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Yayy! your search for best portable blenders add here. I’ve compiled a list of best portable blenders available online.

Portable blenders come with enough power to meet all your blending needs. You can make anything from juice to baby food or protein shake to coffee.

These mini blenders come with USB chargers. So if you ever thought of reading a mail and crushing ice from the same laptop, you can do it.

But there are dozens of portable blenders shining on the selves. It will easily mislead anyone to get a below-standard product. So we have done the research to save your time.

Read this article carefully if you’re looking for a portable blender or juicer which can make your life easy. Be sure to check the details below.

List of Best Portable Blenders 2019

Here are the 5 best portable juicer and blender options, choose the one that looks best to you.

1. Blenderport – Portable Electric USB Juicer Bottle Blender Drink Bottle Cup (Multicolour)

The smart blender in green with a small yet powerful power source. This amazing machine does have a high-end motor that will make your juice in 10 seconds with its 4 sharp stainless steel blades. The blades are made in 3D shape for best mixing and mashing simultaneously. The total capacity is 380ml with a holding ribbon to take it anywhere you need. Make or shake anything, from milkshakes to smoothies or ice mesh. The Blenderport blender has a built-in 2000mAh battery backup for making juice when there’s no power out there. It is easily charged through a USB cable. Just plug into your Smartphone or PC or a power adapter through a micro USB cable and get it charged in minutes.

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The blender has a simple and powerful single power button used for ON, and OFF functions. It has technically built magnetic sensing switch which uses intelligent control systems engineering for a safe experience. The product is also slip-free and can’t run until the seal in fully protected. The 4-blade juicer has a total weight of 1.1 pounds, so that you can take it anywhere you want.


  • Protected slip-free functions
  • Lightweight and BPA-free
  • Rechargeable through PC or Smartphone
  • Free Shipping


  • Only holds 380ml in the jar

Buy Now @ INR 799.00 | 55% Discount

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2. Magic Bullet Blender MB4-1049 Sheet Metal 400W (Silver)

Magic Bullet Blender MB4-1049 Sheet Metal 400W (Silver)

Magic Bullet Blender does everything assigned to it. This amazing blender is also one of the smallest and handy equipment you can use in the kitchen and outdoors. It is one of the best kitchen and gym accessories for INR 3,299. The market-beating price marks Magic Bullet Blender as one of the most sold blenders on Amazon in the United States. It blends, mixes and grinds with its automatic control settings and heavy motor compared to the jar size. There’s a 250-Watt motor attached to the power base that helps grind and mash everything. Starting from frozen fruits and vegs to fresh carrots and bananas for an extra boost of energy. The high-torque power base makes it easier than ever to push everything down to the stainless steel blades that are being turned at a high rpm speed for purely shredded smoothies and silkily textured juices.

There’s a recipe book included in the package with dozens of newer methods of making cocktails and smoothies. Make yourself a delicious smoothie everyday with the free recipe book. Make everything from juices and shakes to ice-cream blends and desserts, with this incredible blender. It almost makes everything you desire. The jars are made of BPA-free high-grade plastic material that completely shatters free and the power base is shockproof. There are additional travel cups for portability to gyms and outdoor parties, have fun everywhere with the Magic Bullet Blender.


  • Cost-effective
  • Portable and smaller
  • Includes a recipe book and additional cups
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Less powerful motor
  • Smaller serving size
  • Only available in silver

Buy Now @ INR 3,299 | 45% Discount

3. Brayden Fito 1.0, 300 W Sports Blender with BPA Free Tritan Bottle (400ML) (Pastel Blue)

Brayden Fito 1.0, 300 W Sports Blender with BPA Free

Brayden will make you feel about the look too. This mini blender redefined the look of a personal blender packed with great features. This sleek design smoothie machine has a 21-oz bottle. It is a perfect size for the protein shake. Moreover, the size is sufficient to boost your morning with a favorite fruit smoothie.

The travel sports bottle is made with BPA-free plastic. You can wash them quickly in the dishwasher or by hand. If you ever drop it, do not worry. The plastic is impact resistant.

You can store the power base and the bottle in any small storage. This blender is a perfect fit for a compact sized kitchen. You will like it if you are a fan of magic bullet.

The power base has a 300-watt motor. This motor can make any frozen fruits or vegetables into smoothies. Moreover, it can make baby food puree from those.

You need only a touch to control this strong motor. The One-Touch operation will start food preparation. However, if you prefer old-style twist and blend you can do it with this smoothie blender.

We know you already have a good idea about some of the best portable blender for travel. Now you need a smoothies break. Make sure you put the Sports Cap on the bottle.  It will ensure a smooth and mess-free smoothie time while you are on the go.


  • Sleek look
  • Compact design
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Affordable
  • Strong motor
  • Auto stop function
  • Easy to clean


  • Only one cup
  • No extra cap
  • You cannot charge the battery

Buy Now @ INR 1,399 | 39% Discount

4. Vitamer Mini USB 4 Blade Blender Rechargeable Juicer Cup


Vitamer is a specialized juicer blender made for kids. It is highly recommended for making shakes and smoothies for infants or little older. The blender is safe and healthy to use for kids. It prevents injury by state-of-the-art encapsulation technology and one-piece formula. The method is as easy to learn as a kid, just put in anything and press the shake button, remove the top and enjoy the smoothies. The bottle or container is safe to use; there’s no need to accompany another glass for the shake. The motor is powerful, and the blades are sharp to cut any fruit. It can blend fruits, ice, or coffee beans in seconds. Make anything you like with BPA free, FDA approved technology and materials.

The motor speed is 22000 rotations per minute, enough to chop off every frozen or unfrozen food. The range of operation is vast, from making coffee and baby foods to protein shakes and marinades, it can do almost anything you wish.


  • High-speed motor function
  • USB rechargeable
  • Lightweight, can be carried anywhere


  • Less battery timing and backup
  • Less storage

Buy Now @ INR 5,999 | 50% Discount

5. Nutri Bullet Pro 900 Series Blender (Champagne Gold)

Nutri Bullet Pro 900 Series Blender

The Nutri Bullet pro 900 series Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System by Nutri Bullet is portable, safe for kids, easy to use and effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes into a delicious, smooth texture with its super powerful 900 watt motor. The Nutri-Bullet’s power, patented blade design and cyclonic action combine to extract all of the nutrients from your food helping you to achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible today. To get the most out of your life, you need to get the most out of your food.

Why NutriBullet Pro?

There are many blenders on the market, but there is only one NutriBullet. With its compact size, simple assembly, hassle-free cleanup, and exceptional nutrient extraction power, the NutriBullet is the ideal tool for health-conscious individuals looking to fuel their exceptionally busy lives. The NutriBullet compact design fits easily on any countertop and plugs into any standard outlet. Its unique Extractor Blade twists directly onto all NutriBullet cups, allowing you to extract and drink from the same vessel, which saves time and reduces additional cleanup. All of the NutriBullet’s cups are top-rack dishwasher-safe, and its blades clean quickly with a rinse of soap and water.

There’s a 1-year warranty on NutriBullet Pro and all the other products by them; Amazon fulfills 30-day money back guarantee to all the customers if the item is not the same as ordered.


  • Inexpensive for its features
  • Ergonomic design
  • Best-selling and top-rated on Amazon
  • Free shipping


  • Heats up quickly

Buy Now @ INR 8,499 | 15% Discount

Buying Guide

Travel blenders aren’t so expensive. You probably have them around INR 2500 mark, but the quality is super class. You are getting your all smoothie, but there are particular areas you need to careful and ensure that you get the best for your money. on top of the budget, check out the following areas.

What is so special about portable blenders?

The name said almost everything about the portable blenders. These machines are small and compact. They can fit in any backpack with all its accessories. Do not get deceived by the size of these mini blenders. Most of them come with strong motors. The motors can crush ice cubes or make puree from fruits and vegetables.

You can use these battery powered blender anywhere if you have a USB outlet. The rechargeable battery will ensure ultimate mobility with these travel blenders. These smoothie makers come with highly durable BPA-free plastic jar. You can use these dishwasher safe jars as a travel cup.

The blades are made of food grade and stainless steel for easy food preparation. The only thing you have to do is provide fresh fruits and vegetables of your choice. These smoothie makers will offer you the healthiest smoothies or power drink for your busy day in seconds.

What to look for while buying a portable blender?

  • Bottle size

Bigger bottle size will provide more nutrition on the go. However, it will take some extra effort to carry. On the contrary, the smaller bottle will be handy, but you have to refill them frequently.

It is not right to overload anything. Your blender is the same. No matter what the bottle size is; do not fill more than ⅔ of it. If you overfill than this, it will damage the blades.

  • The material of the bottle

Always go for the BPA free plastic. It ensures food safety and keeps you safe from any chemical contamination. Most of the blender bottle of our list is BPA free.

The bottles are made of impact resistant plastics. It will survive in any fall. Nevertheless, the bottles cannot survive in boiling water. Do not put boiling water in the container.

  • Motor wattage

Higher motor power is equal to more silky smoothies. Travel blenders usually come with low motor power. However, they have enough energy to rotate the blade and eventually blend more.

  • Blades

Blades in the personal blenders are made of stainless steel. However, they have a limitation. If the food chunk is more than 1 inch in diameter, the blade cannot blend it properly.  So for a smooth blending, make small pieces of the foods before putting into the bottle.

  • Battery powered or direct power

Battery powered blenders have limited wattage. On the contrary, mixers with USB cord have more energy for blending. Most of our best pick blenders run on direct power through a USB cord. Thus, you can power up through the car chargers or even through laptop.

What do people frequently ask about portable blender?

Can you travel with a blender?

Yes, if you carry it in a car. However, the Customs and Border Protection might ask you about it. Let them know how fit your lifestyle become with the blender. I am sure you will encourage a few of them to get one.

No, while you are flying. You cannot pass the security check with the blender in your carry on. Thus, you have to disassemble the blender according to the user’s manual, and pack in the checked in luggage.

What is the best portable blender?

Well, it all depends on your preference. If you prefer power, go with the higher motor wattage. In the same way, bigger bottles will ensure adequate healthy beverage on the go.

The USB charged blenders would give you super portability despite limited power. Get a rechargeable one if you are planning to venture the wilderness for a longer time.

Things you should do to get the best from your travel blender (Tips)

1. Make a small portion of the ice cubes

Like fruits and veggies, blender blades cannot crush regular ice cubes. Some portable blender comes with a customized ice tray. However, if your mixer does not have one, make sure to break the ice into smaller pieces.

2. Add the liquid then fruits, veggies or other solids

Some customers complained in their reviews that these mini blenders could not “blend” like the bigger ones. You can get rid of this issue. Make sure you put liquid first. Then put your solids.

The liquids ensure perfect circulations of the solids and crush them properly.

3. Clean and dry the blender after every use

If you want to use your battery operated for a long time, you have to keep them clean. You have to clean them properly after every use. Before you store them, make sure you dry them or else you can get some surprise watermarks on the bottle and blades.

4. Do not microwave the bottle

The bottles are dishwasher safe but not microwave safe. You will not like the shape of the bottle after you take it out from the microwave.

Conclusion: Best Portable Blenders in 2019

When buying a portable blender from Amazon, make sure to read the user reviews of all the customers before making up the mind. Shortlist the one with the best reviews. You must also keep in mind the price and the quality. Most of the vendors offer the same price or almost similar features. You just list the best options and then after reading the reviews and price tag. After that select your best portable blender from the qualified items. Also, look for the vendor approval ratings and his/her time selling the product. Moreover, go for the branded product. Don’t always go for items on sale with no warranty. They end up in your store after a few days.

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